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Spice Route in the 21st Century

Click on any red marker on the map to begin your journey on the New Spice Route, where you will find people who represent their culture, through their kitchen, by sharing colorful recipes with spice.

The ancient Spice Route connected the world.   

Two spices, nutmeg and clove, stretched this link from Europe, into the Middle East and India, through the Strait of Malacca, until zigzagging to the far corner of Southeast Asia where the spices originated - the Spice Islands.*

After thousands of years of trade, the islands were finally discovered by European powers and fought over until nutmeg and clove seedlings were transported to other colonies, breaking the monopoly, and ending the ancient Spice Route.

But yet again, led by curiosity and mystery, a New Spice Route has emerged.  A link created by our hunger to experience and gain understanding from others – from all over the world – who welcome us into their kitchens to share their stories and their dishes. 

Travel with us on the New Spice Route, through a Culinary & Cultural journey.

*Maluku Islands in Indonesia